Night life

Bars with terraces

A glass of wine with a view

Bars with terraces (terrazas) from where you can contemplate a mesmerising sunset, have a nibble to eat with the charming silhouette of Santa Cruz Castle in the background or relaxing while enjoying a breathtaking view of the beach... These are some of the alluring enticements that you will find in places such as Santa Cristina, Santa Cruz or Mera, the most popular bar areas where you can enjoy the sun, a soft drink, a bite to eat...

At these bars, around the seafront promenades of these villages, the constant bustle of people stopping by for a table to enjoy the views never stops, but there are other popular streets where you can also enjoy tapas, such as O Cruce, O Repicho and Plaza del Exilio Square in Santa Cruz or Etiopía Road in Perillo.