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If walking is for you, you will be able to do it in unbeatable surroundings, combining the greenery of the Dexo-Serantes Coast with the blue of the ocean, or you can also adventure into our forests.

As well as an extraordinary natural beauty, walking along our paths you will also be able to discover resources of great environmental, geomorphological and historical interest, amongst other things. Gather momentum and take the step!

Tips for hikers

Dexo-Serantes Coast Natural Monument Routes

Three routes cross the Dexo-Serantes Coast Natural Monument, a place of breathtaking beauty where you can enjoy the landscape, the sea and nature.

Dexo-Serantes Coast Natural Monument Route

Seixo Branco-Furnas Route

Distance3.6 Km
Time90 min
Start - EndCanabal

Interesting points

  • Seixo Branco
  • Military fortification
  • Sea Cave Ollo Pequeno
  • Sea Cave A Regocha
  • Sea Cave Ollo Grande
  • A Marola

Dexo-Serantes Coast Natural Monument Route

Porto de Dexo Route

Distance4.1 Km
Time120 min
Start - EndSanta María de Dexo Church

Interesting points

  • Dexo Church
  • Dexo natural port
  • A Marola
  • Galician public open-air washhouse
  • Mill
  • O Ladrón Cave

Dexo-Serantes Coast Natural Monument Route

Mera Lighthouses Route

Distance1.5 Km
Time30 min
Start - EndAula do Mar Information Centre

Interesting points

  • Mera lighthouses
  • Aula do Mar Information Centre
  • Military fortification

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Other interesting routes

Other routes of interest

Mera Coastal Path

This beautiful route runs along Mera’s seafront. Several information panels placed along the path provide visitors with information about the biological, geographical and ethnographic relevance of this area.
Distance3 Km
Time45 min
Start - EndCanide - Aula do Mar Information Centre

Interesting points

  • Santa Ana Chapel
  • Mera dock and beach
  • Espiñeiro Beach
  • Mera Lighthouses
  • Aula do Mar Information Centre

Other routes of interest

Costa Libre Path

This beautiful route stretches along the coast from Santa Cristina to Santa Cruz. Along the path, the visitor will marvel at the beauty of Santa Cruz Castle or the sea views from As Galeras Park and the Nirvana viewpoint.
Distance7.8 Km
Time90 min
Start - EndSeafront promenade (Marisqueira Street) – Naval Beach

Interesting points

  • O Burgo Estuary
  • Bescansa Tower
  • José Martí Park
  • Santa Cristina Beach
  • Bastiagueiro Beach
  • As Galeras Park
  • Santa Cruz Beach and Port
  • Santa Cruz Castle
  • Naval Beach

Trekking Advice

Respect the environment

Respect nature and all creatures. Do not disturb the animals and do not pull up any plants. If you pick mushrooms, please be careful.

Do not light up fires

Fires destroy life. Don’t light up any bonfires and don’t throw away cigarette ends.

Pick up your waste and recycle it

Pick up your rubbish and put it in a bin. If possible, separate it to recycle it.

Invasive species

Do not abandon exotic animals: they cause irreparable damage to nature’s ecological balance.

Fauna and flora

Keep to the path to avoid damaging the flora and the fauna.


Enjoy all the different areas and get close to nature. Come back to visit and rediscover them at different times of the year.

Keep the noise down

Keep the noise down in order not to disturb the animals and other hikers.

Do not trespass

Respect private properties. Do not step over sown fields, do not pick up fruit or any other produce from private land.


Keep an eye on your pet. Every inch of our protected areas is invaluable.

Prepare yourself before setting off

Find information about the area: whether it is protected, whether the use of drones is allowed, etc.


Keep hydrated! Not all routes have drinking fountains: take your own water with you.

Be careful

Avoid accidents, do not enter inaccessible grounds and do not take the risk of getting lost.

Keep track of the time

Work out how long it will take you to complete the route and avoid darkness.