Things to do

Sports and nature

Oleiros’s heritage, culture offering and gastronomy are outstanding, but its strongest appeal, in terms of leisure and adventure, is nature.

Active tourism is constantly developing here and the range of activities offered grows every day, from adventurous surfing in Bastiagueiro Beach to a relaxing kayak outing along Mera Beach or a quiet stroll through the paths of the Dexo-Serantes Coast Natural Monument.

There are also many facilities available to practice all kinds of sports. Below, you can find the various activities that you can do here and enjoy our amazing landscape.

Water Sports


There are two rowing clubs with a long history: Club Deportivo Mariñeiro in Mera and Club de Regatas in Perillo. Both have extensive experience in racing and have attained excellent results. They also organise male and female races in the different formats of fixed seat rowing. Their training bases are in Mera and Santa Cristina Beaches, where you can get an induction to rowing or train at competition level.

Annual races for this sport are held in our council: Competición Galega de Traíñas in Perillo parish and Bandeira Baía de Mera-Virxe do Carme in Mera parish, which attract hundreds of spectators.

Surfing, bodyboarding and paddlesurfing

Bastiagueiro Beach is a fantastic place to practice these sports. There are waves suitable for all levels of expetise and the possibility to receive an induction from the schools in the area or hire equipment. Annual competitions are held on this beach as part of the Galician surfing, bodyboarding and paddlesurfing circuit.

Bastiagueiro Beach is North facing and the best time to practice these sports here is at medium and high tide. There is parking available on the beach itself.

Another good location to practice paddlesurf is Mera Beach, where you can discover its caves through its crystal-clear water. There is a board hiring service available on the beach.


Kitesurfing and windsurfing

Santa Cristina Beach is renowned in Galicia for kitesurfing, and the busiest in the North of Galicia. The best conditions to practice these sports are triggered when the North-East wind blows. There are specialist schools on the beach promenade, where you can learn and hire the necessary equipment.


Swimming clubs, synchronised swimming, triathlon club... there are many different ways to enjoy these sports in Oleiros, both at beginner or a more advanced level. As well as practising them in the facilities available, many people use our beaches to train.


The clear and quiet waters of Mera and Espiñeiro Beaches are ideal to go for a relaxed outing in a kayak.

Look for a kayak hiring service along the beach and go for it!


There is still a lot to be explored on our coast, but here you can observe an extremely rich and amazing variety of flora and fauna, as well as several archaeological remains.

open air

Open air sports

There are several infrastructures available, as well as public areas to practice sports.

Strolling, bicycle lanes, equipment to exercise in the open air...


In Bastiagueiro a few steps away from the beach, you can enjoy a skating track, equipped with slopes, edges, railings, half pipes, a eurogap, steps, etc.

It is located in Avenida Ernesto Che Guevara Street, at the Bastiagueiro Park (Liáns).



Located in the historic surroundings of Pazo de Xaz manor house, Oleiros has an 18 hole golf course designed by Stirling & Martin Architects. It also holds a social club with a children’s play area, adult and children’s swimming pools, gym, squash court and other sports and leisure facilities.


Bird Watching

Birds such as shags (Oleiros has the largest colony in the Spanish Peninsula) and alpine swifts, which breed in some of the coastal caves in the area, can easily be watched from the Mera lighthouse.

Northern gannets can often be seen here during their migration stopover, in the Spring and Autumn..

In Wintertime, the Mediterranean gulls (some of them with rings) can be seen in the Santa Cruz Estuary, as well as ruddy turnstones and also great cormorants, perched on the rock of their namesake “A rocha dos Corvos” (The cormorant rock).

At the far end of the estuary, from Santa Cristina Beach and all along the sea promenade on the inner side of the estuary, a large variety of birdscan be seen, sometimes very close up. These species range from waders, water birds, herons, spoonbills, etc.

For further information on this topic, you can contact the Aula do Mar Information Centre in Mera, CEIDA (Galicia’s Environmental Information and University Extension Centre) or the different environmental associations in the area.