About Oleiros


Humid Oceanic Climate

>Enjoy Oleiros all year round

Due to its location, in Oleiros the humid oceanic climate is predominant. Its main characteristics are: minor temperature fluctuation and moderate rainfall throughout the year.

Being a coastal area, the sea moderates the temperatures, as a result of which there is not a great variation between the different seasons.

In Oleiros, Winters are mild and Summers are warm, with an annual average temperature around 13°C or 14°C. With regards to rainfall, Spring and Autumn are the rainiest seasons.

Flora and Fauna

The perfect combination

This combination of mild temperatures and regular rainfall encourages a rich variety of flora and fauna in our area.


With regards to vegetation, there are groves of native pine, oak and willow trees; plants such as sea thrift, and bushes such as flax-leaved daphne, typical of Mediterranean climates.


In terms of fauna, here we can find the shag (Oleiros has the largest colony in the Spanish Peninsula) or the alpine swift, which sets its breeding places in some of the area’s coastal caves (known as furnas in Galician).

Seasonal Tourism

Something to do all year round

In Oleiros, the hottest season usually goes from the end of June until the beginning of September, which is the ideal time to enjoy the beautiful beaches here, as well as the numerous celebrations in honour of the local patron saints and gastronomical events that take place during these months.

The rest of the year is perfect to do trekking, bird watching and practice water sports, or just to enjoy the varied cultural offerings that are available in Oleiros.