About Oleiros


Oleiros is located in the Northwest of Galicia, in the geographical area of the Artabrian Gulf, very close to A Coruña city.

The council surface area is quite small (only 43.8 km2), but has a continuously growing population. Its territory is divided into nine parishes: Dexo, Nós, Iñás, Dorneda, Liáns, Perillo, Serantes, Oleiros and Maianca.

Tourist destination

Nature and culture

Oleiros Council is one of the most important tourist destinations in the region, renowned not only for its rich cultural heritage and landscape, but also for Oleiro’s determined commitment to protect the environment, and the quality of its public services and facilities. All this makes Oleiros one of the highest quality tourist and residential areas in Galicia.

A village with history

Artabrian settlements

The origins of Oleiros can be traced back to the listed castros (fortified Celtic Iron Age villages) and recorded neolithic findings, such as clay vessels containing the ashes of the deceased found in common burial grounds (known as medoñas in Galician) from the oldest tribe known in Galicia: the Artabri. After invading Galicia, the Romans adopted these customs and called them “ollarius”, from which the city of “Oleiros” takes its name.

Singular heritage

Our charm

Testimony to our most recent history are the numerous elements that make up the architectural heritage of Oleiros: churches, pazos (Galician-style manor houses), towers, villages, etc. Many of these have been restored by the local government to ensure their preservation and they will charm you on your visit to Oleiros.

Pottery tradition

Oleiros synonymous with pottery

Oleiros was also a place of intensive pottery activity, hence the word oleiro, which in Galician language means potter.