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In this section, you will find the answers to these frequently asked questions:

Is there free parking in Oleiros?

Can I take my dog for a stroll along the beach or to the park?

Is there Wi-Fi connection in public spaces?

Useful Municipal Ordinances

Municipal Ordinances on pets

Strolling with animals

Animals must be held by a chain, leash, collar or any suitable means depending on the species in all public roads and green areas.

Beaches and parks

Animals are not allowed on beaches, parks and public areas, particularly those frequented by children.

Banned access

Animals are banned from accessing sports or cultural public events.


Leaving animals stools on the public way is not allowed. The owner of the animal or the person carrying it will be responsible for clearing them.

Read the Ordinance

Pay and Display O.R.A. Zone Ordinance

(parking regulation ordinance)

Pay and Display O.R.A. Zone Service

The Pay and Display O.R.A. public service operates from the 1st of June to the 15th of September, from Monday to Sunday (Bank Holidays included), from 12 pm to 8 pm.

Maximum Stay

Cars may be parked a maximum of 24 hours in any O.R.A. Zone, provided they are not reserved for residents or commercial establishments. The time limit is controlled by means of the corresponding ticket. Vehicles owned by disabled people are excluded, amongst others, if they hold the corresponding special authorisation issued by the Council.

Motorbikes and bicycles

Motorcycles, cycles, mopeds and bicycles may apark free of charge in the zones provided for this purpose.

Express parking

There are parking areas regulated by a time limit such as shopping areas. In these areas, parking is free up to a maximum stay of 30 minutes. The arrival time must be displayed.

Read the Ordinance

Other useful ordinances

Mobility ordinance

Read the ordinance

Beaches uses and enjoyment Ordinane

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In Oleiros, there is free Wi-Fi service available at the main municipal buildings and libraries.